Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Colleena’s Beauty Salon

I remember hearing a story once about a famous artist.  As a child, he took the ink well and drew pictures all over the walls.  His mom, instead of freaking out, saw that he had talent and encouraged him to draw, but on paper.  I always liked to imagine she had to count to 12 thousand before responding, because that is what I would have done to avoid going bananas.  Oh, and I’m sure she made him clean it up too…

I always wanted to be that mom, the one who doesn’t mind the inconvenience of cleaning up after some great exploration or learning opportunity.  The one who kept her cool, and encouraged her kids to explore their interests.  Sometimes I am.  My kids ( and often my friend’s kids) are always doing some crazy thing at my house.  They play with tubs of water on the kitchen floor ( and get in them), I tape paper on walls to let them paint it, I let them paint windows, I fill the bathtub with snow, I give them puffed wheat to “cook” with in the play kitchen and I have even filled up a paddling pool on my deck in early spring so they could splash in their bathing suits.  It’s often said “ only at your house!”

I was pretty cool when I discovered that Colleena had cut herself some bangs…She did a pretty good job, and only minor touch ups were needed at the hairdresser’s.  But last week, I really blew it.  Colleena snuck downstairs and gave haircuts to her Barbies, their clothes, and horses.  When I discovered the pieces, she lied to cover it up.  I won’t lie, I was mad.  Some of the things she cut where mine from childhood.  In that moment, I was thinking “ I am NOT going to have a kid with a scissor issue, I have to put a stop to this right now!”.  It was a big angry fight, ruining an other wise great day.

After I had some time to cool off, I got to thinking… why not let her cut hair?  Can I make an appropriate venue for this?   So I made a little plan, and today I got to put it into action.

DSC_0880I went to Value Village, and for only a few dollars, I bought a small scrubs shirt as a smock, a dolly that none of us had any attachment to, and a bib to be the “client’s” cover.

Colleena got out all the toolsDSC_0879

She wanted to use, washed and combed out the hair and set to work.

Lily wanted to play too, but she wasn’t allowed to have real scissors, so she was just a stylist tonight…

Colleena was so thrilled!  We had a lot of fun, and told her that we would allow her to keep certain dollies for hair cutting.  This also came with a stern warning thatDSC_0882 she was not to cut hair, whether real or dolly, without mom or dad, and that we would only play this game in the kitchen.

So, tonight ended on a much happier note.  Colleena got to try something she has been interested in, and mommy didn’t lose her cool.  And apparently, Dolly was pleased with the new ‘do…DSC_0891


  1. Wow, I admire how you dealt with that.. It really went through being human (our initial reaction) and all the way through to providing an amazing activity and learning opportunity. The pictures are adorable too :) Bravo mom!

  2. What a great way to encourage and teach!! I think I would have lost it. I like to be the cool mom but must admit some things...

    1. Haha, thanks. It's important to notice that I did lose it first, but managed to re-cover after feeling a hefty dose of parental regret. If I published a blog about all the times I just plain blew it, this would be a much more frequently written blog, haha! I by no means manage to react this well all the time. It's funny how everyone has things that push their buttons more than others. Water all over the kitchen counter and floor? I can totally handle that, but a scissor sneak has always been a major big fat red freak out button for me. I'm hoping that instead of outright forbidding it, which may have made her more sneaky, giving her a permitted outlet for her interest will save both my sanity, and a few more of the dollies' coifs :)


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