Our family is embarking on a money make-over...why? First and foremost, because God told us to!  My husband and I both felt challenged to not only get our finances in order, but to totally make-over the way we think about money.

We have debt, like most families now a days, and most of us have bought into the lie that debt is just a part of life, that it's necessary.  In the past we have made bad decisions, and we have just not added up how that was affecting our lives.  But recently, we became tired of feeling burdened with our debt.  We have had several chances to stay debt free in the past, but we nickle and dime ourselves into it again.  Ironically enough, all of the larger purchases we have ever made, we paid cash for.  Our vehicle, our furniture and even our hot tub, we paid for, but each month we were spending more on the everyday bills of our house than we were making.

We are on a journey to live on less, find creative ways to pay down our debt, save for our future needs, and ultimately be better managers of the money God blesses us with.  We are changing our view of money, and how we spend it, changing our priorities and just getting honest with those around us.  And we want to have fun along the way!

For me, personally, bringing this issue out into the light, takes away the shame of it.  The more I share it with people, the more I find that people are interested in this topic.  Once you start talking about it, you find people would like to have a make-over in their own lives, too.  And, of course we all would like some help with ideas and what has worked for others.  I'd like this to be a resource for you, a list of ideas and tips.  I want to hear your thoughts and ideas too!  Sharing with you keeps me accountble!

This time around, we are determined to get out of debt ( and stay that way) even if we have to do it one penny at a time!

Would you like to join me?

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