Thursday, March 17, 2011

Beating the Budget Busters: Planning Birthday #2

Okay, I know I haven’t been writing a lot lately, but I’ve been so busy

that I haven’t had time!  I hoping to catch up and let you know what we’ve been up to.

Coming up right away here, is Colleena’s birthday party.  She wants to have a Hawaiian theme this year.  This is how we plan most parties, by asking our kids what theme they think would be fun, and building on that.  Then, I think about what games, decorations and cake ideas would go well with that theme. 

I browsed around on the internet to find some neat game ideas, but didn’t really find anything super extraordinary, so we decided to plan a few traditional games and add a Hawaiian twist to them.  We’re going to play musical beach towels, instead of musical chairs.  I have lots of beach towels, and will just use them, still folded, on the floor.  Then, we’re also planning on doing the limbo.  We’ll have silly freeze hula dancing, while the kids are wearing grass skirts.  Three games will most likely be enough to occupy this gaggle of 5 year olds for a good chunk of time.  If not, maybe we’ll break out the Wii-fit and do the Hula-Hoop challenge on the Wii Fit board hee hee!  We’ll also be doing piñatas!

The time window we used for Baden’s party worked out great, so we’re doing the same thing for this party.  I invited guests from 3 until 5, so we don’t have to plan a meal.  Plus, it means that my youngest will still get her nap before anyone gets here, and that way she won’t be a tired, crying mess during the party.

Having the kids birthdays so close together has some benefits.  Mainly, that I am able to buy some supplies in bulk and save money by dividing them over the two parties.  When I was stocking up for Baden’s party, I bought lots of individually wrapped candies in bulk.  Things that could go in the piñata, like pixie sticks, fizz strips, ring pops and suckers.  I divided them up and stashed half for Colleena’s party, so I didn’t have to buy them this month.  I also bought those little rubber bracelets that come in different shapes and are so cool right now. I got a container of 200 of them for $2 at Dollarama. I set aside all the “girly” colors and the shapes that went well with Colleena’s theme (fish, sea horse, palm tree etc).  The rest, we used at Baden’s party last month.

Baden’s entire party cost me about $60, but some of that amount was candy, which I spread over two parties.  I bought a  flower lei to greet each guest with, grass skirts to give out and a couple of little gimicky toys at Dollarama for Colleena’s party.  That all added up to about $30.  Even if you add it up and average it out, it only cost us $50 per party.

I’m planning on making the cake a pair of flip flops this year.  Making the two cakes myself will only cost me a couple dollars, and it is always my favourite part of the birthday season, I just love baking fun cakes!

Just last night, Shawn and I were reflecting on birthday season this year.  Baden’s party seemed the most complicated one that we have done, having all the different carnival games set up, but it was easy and no-stress to plan. It was tons of fun to do, for us and the kids.  Colleena’s is almost effortless, since so much of the buying is already done, and the games will be easy to set up and need no real equipment.  Even the prep has been fun.  We made the piñatas with the kids, who had a great time making, painting and stuffing them.  And this year, both cakes were easy to plan and execute.  This is the least amount of time and stress I have put in pre-party, and the most fun we’ve ever had!

Ahhhhh… simple is good!

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  1. sounds like a blast, aren't the pinatas the best thing. the kids just love them.

    we should make some giant ones for the adult parties, could you just imagine Shawn and Anthony wacking the pinata just like little kids. lol

    have a great night!



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