Monday, August 29, 2011

Missing Out On School Photos

When I decided to home school, I knew there was going to be some things we'd miss out on, and one of them was school pictures.  Like most parents, I have relied on the annual school photos to have up to date portraits to send to friends and family.  I have been considering what I would like to do instead this year. 

I looked into taking the kids to a local Wal-mart photostudio to take advantage of those back to school special packages.  But, I can't order four separate packages at the sale price, and I want each kid to have their own portraits.

Now, those of you who know me, know that I am an amateur photographer, and my favorite subject to capture is my kids!  I decided that when the mood struck me, I would attempt to take some pictures myself.  This way, I can order only the exact prints I actually want ( instead of those school pre-set packages).

Today we realized that the public schools started back to class.  Shawn had the day off, so we decided to have a NOT back to school celebration.  We headed out to Little Red River Park to run around and enjoy the nice weather... with camera in tow of course!  The light was perfect, and I was able to get some nice pictures of each of the kids.

So, this is a sneak peak at what the grand parents will be receiving this year for annual photos...


Grade 2




Age 2


2 months

So what do you think?  Will anyone miss the school style portraits?  I've already ordered prints, which means they will also be in the mail a lot earlier than usual too!  Not only do I like my portraits better  (I'm allowed to be biased) than what I had gotten from the school, but they are cheaper!  Because I was able to order only what I wanted, portraits for all four kids cost me only a little bit more than what I paid for Baden's alone last year.  Besides what I ordered for each set of grandparents, they can always have printed what ever sizes they want!

Maybe we're not missing out after all?


  1. THESE PICTURES ARE AMAZING, MELISSA!! YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, YOU AREN'T MISSING OUT...YOU'VE BEEN BLESSED!!! BE PROUD...YOU DID GREAT!!! By the way...what kind of camera and lens did you use?! :>) Laura Dyck

  2. WOW, those turned out great!...umm...can I hire you?? :)

  3. I only order the smallest package I have to in order to get a class picture from the school photos - way too expensive! I LOVE this idea, and these are AMAZING pictures (as always!). :) Well done, Melissa!!!

  4. Oh Honey!!! These are beautiful, sniff sniff. I can
    t wait to get mine in the mail. You make us more proud of you each and every day. You truly are not missing out on anything, and neither are your children. They are getting so much more then any other child and the schools are the ones missing out on the opportunity of having these fantastic children in their facilities. Not only that, they don't get to have the greatest mom ever on their home school committee...hehehe

  5. how come I can't post on here other then anonymously?

  6. Thanks everyone! I picked them up today and I am really happy with them, can't wait to update my photoframes on the wall.. just have to talk Shawn into re-hanging them all! haha!
    I don't know why you can't post except as anonymous Krista... are you signed in to the google friend connect thingy when you post? I'm not the resident techie, I'll have to ask Shawn.

  7. GREAT pictures!! Lilyanne has changed so much since we last saw her. Your kids are beautiful and look so happy! Keep up the great work!!


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