Saturday, October 23, 2010

Life Without PRINT

My printer is dead.

I honestly didn't think I used it very much, and would never have guessed I would even miss it.  My husband had a clue how much I used it, but apparently I did not.  I'm so used to it being there, that I never thought about how much I relied on it.  A new recipe I'd like to try? Print off a copy.  Crochet pattern? Print off a copy.  Kids want a season or holiday specific colouring page? Print one off!  Hubby makes a map of a huting area? Print it off!  Wanna spell check something? Print it off and read it with fresh eyes.  Make a personalized present with an iron-on transfer? Print it off!  I have so many specialty papers for different projects, iron-ons, stickers, cardstock...all for a printer I never appreciated until now.

It's not coming back to life : my youngest warped the tracks the cartridges travel on.  Even turning on the printer sends my computer into a tizzy requiring a total re-boot.  I can't eat a printer ( althought the mental image of me eating an ink cartridge with ink running down my chin IS funny) so I am not buying a new one.  How do I live without a printer?  Ok, I admit, I have mooched off friends to get them to print the odd thing  for me.  And if the item was needed for the school or church, I brought it to them on a flash drive and got them to print it themselves.  As for the rest?  I guess I can write out recipes on a scrap paper instead or photocopy or print things at the library. 


  1. ugh...keep your eye open at Value Village and put it out there on Facebook if anyone has one they want to be rid of. YOu may get it for free ;)

  2. I don't like our printer, but you're right, I use it a lot more than I think I do...good luck (and I can print some things off for you if you need too!). :) Good idea, Bonnie!

  3. Oh man thats aweful! Its to bad I already gave my printer/scanner to my sister.

    I remember the days when it was cheaper for me to buy a new printer then to refil my cartrages.. Oh to be young again.

  4. I would just post a add in kijiji explaining your goals and that tou need a printer, may be interesting to see what resopnces you get. Lol


  5. I have a printer that needs a new print head (I think that is what is wrong??!!) Anyway, you can have it if you know how to fix it...we were just going to donate it to Sarcan/recycle'd have to decide whether it was fixable (I know nothing about these things!!) Laura

  6. How about offering to trade something with someone who has a printer to get rid of?

  7. Sorry, Laura, I don't even think that is fixable.
    Hmm, a trade? Would have to consider that.


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