Thursday, October 28, 2010

Window Plastic....Worth It?

Ok, you know the stuff I mean, that plastic window film that you shrink into place with a hair dryer?
I'm considering putting it on some of our windows this year, especially in bedrooms.  I think putting it in the living room would be a waste of time, since the kids would have holes in it before I had it up.  I have never done it myself, and was wondering if anyone knew what the actual energy savings are supposed to be?  I checked the saskenergy website, and they don't give an specifics, just that it saves some energy.

Worth it or not?


  1. We do ours every year, and I feel the difference! In our living room Evan puts up just a heavy plastic (drywall stuff) It helps but not as much as the blowdry shrink wrap stuff.

    If you can, put alittle mark in the bottom on the plastic for what window its for, and save it for next year. We've used ours every year we've lived here and an extra one from that place we rented.

  2. Hey, we use it cause it cuts down the draft!! There windows are so old and don't seal properly so it help alot (minus the cat and dog scratches). Lol

  3. Thanks Gals, I think I will plan on putting some up this coming week and give it a try.


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