Thursday, June 23, 2011

Brands We Love

Lately I've been thinking about how many items in the grocery store I buy based completely on brand.  Sometimes there is a valid reason, and sometimes it's just habit.  I'm sure most of us have favorites, and I've become curious about what brands other people are loyal to.

In no particular order, here are a few brands I always reach for.

Aveeno products: Mainly because no one in my house is allergic to them, so they are my first choice for shampoo, body wash and soaps as well as sunscreen and lotions.

Campbell Soup: Because my husband refuses to eat the no name stuff.  He swears he can tell the difference.  I wait until there is a good sale and buy it by the flat.

Maxwell House Coffee: We started buying it because it was the cheapest when we were in our first house, and now we just like the taste of it. Ha! It was $4 a can then, and now $10 is a good price for it!

Huggies Diapers and Wipes : They have always fit my children well, and not bothered any of the allergies.  I guess they are more expensive than no name ones, but I really like these best.

Ketchup: No name.  Lol, that's right, I prefer the no name ketchup.  I don't know why!  My parents always bought heinz when I was growing up, but I actually like the taste of the no name stuff better!

Pop: I've always been a Pepsi drinker, but after I tried Superstore's blue label wave cola ( which is their president's choice version of Pepsi) I found I actually like it better.  Now, given the choice, I would choose the Superstore pop.

Toilet Paper: since I refuse to wipe with sandpaper, I have always paid more for toilet paper.  I have two brands that I like best, Royale and Purex, and will buy whichever is cheaper that week.

Kraft Dinner: no knock offs allowed in this house.  I wait for a good sale and buy the case.

Milk: I like Dairyland better than Foremost, though I can't describe what difference there is, haha!

Hotdogs: I buy the no name ones.  I can't taste any difference so I'm not willing to pay more for the brand name ones. 

Cleaners/Laundry Detergents: I make my own :)

So, that's all my brand quirks.  What are yours? Some of mine are based on preference, and some on price, and others on habit.  Did I miss any major ones in my poll?  Take a sec to answer the poll, I'm curious!

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