Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Gift Stash

Does anyone else keep a gift stash like I do?  Throughout the year, as I see things that would make good gifts, I grab them and put them in my craft closet.  Sometimes, there are things I think would be good for a specific person whose birthday is still a couple months away.  Sometimes, they are gifts I think would just be handy to have around.  I’m always on the lookout for neat little things that become stocking-stuffers.

Because I am able to find great deals, this often saves me money.  Several times my gift stash has saved me when one of my kids has been invited to a party last minute.  Other times, when the budget hasn’t had any wiggle room, I’ve still been able to have a great gift on hand to give.  Over the years, my stash has been depleted and re-stocked several times.  I usually try to grab a few neat toys in all the after Christmas sales to keep on hand, but this January we didn’t have room in the budget.  After having used up my stash over the holidays, I am feeling like that cupboard is quite bare!

There are a few things left, mostly things for specific people who have birthdays etc coming up.  Over the years, here are some of the things I have had in there:A giant tub of play-doh, Crayola Colour Wonder sets, Lego,children’s books, both for my kids and their friends, A Toronto Maple Leafs T-Shirt for my Father in Law, war history DVD’s, A knife set,video game, baby items like bibs, blankets and outfits and kid’s movies.  I picked up lots of little things at garage sales during the summer which I put away for my kids to get throughout the year.

As I have used up most of my stash now, I have gone back into stocking up mode, looking for good deals that fit into my budget.  Recently, I picked up “Clue Jr.” at superstore.  They have a whole rack of them on sale for $10 right now.  I think that’s a good gift to have on hand, since lots of kids like board games.

My friend( whom I have already said should be a contributing writer to this blog since she gives me so many ideas) says she crochets a bunch of dishcloths to have on hand. That way, when she wants to give some to all her kid’s teachers, or needs a bunch all at the same time, she doesn’t have to go crazy getting them all done.   I am totally going to use that idea!  Might be a good idea for me to crochet some of the items I’m planning on making for people in my life ahead of time.  Since I’m naturally a procrastinator, this would save me lots of last minute rushing around and stress!

What types of things do you keep on hand? Anything turn out to be not worth keeping on hand?  Was anything a life, or budget saver?


  1. Activity books like Hello Kitty, Spiderman etc.(Michaels often has them for a $1), Any items I received as babygifts and had too many blankets...I still have one from when Gage was born just waiting to be regifted. I did this with outfits too, when we got double of the same one.

    I often get the Klutz books from Scholastic because they are unique. I have two in my gift stash right now. The KLutz are not cheap but they are unique which I like especially for those kids you don't really know well.

    As for the dishcloths...I love recieving these as gifts. I recieved crochet dishcloths from Marc's Aunt for Christmas and I LOVE them. I did see an idea on a blog to crochet or knit them and put a bar a soap inside and wrap the cloth around it, tie with ribbon. They had patterns for every occasion, hearts, shamrocks etc.

  2. I like to buy things to keep on hand, especially for my Secret Sister. When ever I find cute little gifts I pick them up. I can use them as a thinking of you or an encouragement gift for my Secret Sister or anyone! I tend to do that a lot on If I am going to be placing an order I might as well get a few little gifts as well and they usually have great things in their closeouts!


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