Friday, January 14, 2011

What Makes You Feel Secure?

On my way to the grocery store this morning, an odd line of thought took up my drive. “What if something happens or one of the kids needs something, and we can’t pay for it?  Maybe I should have kept that credit card instead of burning it?”

I stewed over this for a while, and pondered why it worried me so much.  For many years, we have had no savings, but I always comforted myself with the idea that I could always deal with things by using a credit card.  I realized that I had been deriving a sense of security from that.  Suddenly finding myself without that (false) safety-net made me feel vulnerable.  I have believed it for so long, that I felt almost bare without that card.

The reality is, we now have some savings. True, it’s not a lot, but we will be able to deal with most things that could come up.  And really, since we never have to worry about medical bills thanks to our province and our health coverage through work, what could possibly come up that is REALLY a need?  Our savings would cover most things, if we didn’t have wiggle room for something that couldn’t wait, like say new boots if someone lost theirs.

But even these savings are not where my security is supposed to be.  No matter how much money I have in the bank, there is always some calamity that is possible.  There are things that could happen.  Who knows, maybe this is the year that the  North Saskatchewan River floods it’s banks!  What amount of money would change or prevent that?

Sitting and worrying about that is not a good use of my time, and not how God wants me to think.  He’s been showing me lately that my life is in His hands, because I placed it there.  True, I want to be wise and use the money He does bless us with wisely, but that is not what makes me feel secure when I think about the future.  I need to remember that God is in control, and that I am His daughter.  THAT is where my security needs to come from, no matter what!

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  1. Amen!!! Believe me, I totally relate to your post!!! In response, never be afraid to ask for help. We are part of the Body of Christ...sometimes we are in a place of giving (just as you and Shawn, and many others have been for us over the past 4+ months!!), and sometimes we need to be willing to express our needs to people (because we can't do it on our own!) and graciously receive help from those willing and able to give it!! Be willing to spend time on both 'sides of the fence'!! Receiving helps us see the value of giving!! God bless you on your are a huge blessing!!



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