Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beating the Budget Buster : Halloween Edition

Halloween is always a spendy time for our family.  Mainly because I am a Halloween NUT, and I love to make awesome costumes for my kids.  Most years, I have bought all new material and sewed them great outfits.  Some years have included a duck, a hunter, a teddy bear, a knight, a fairy, a ninja..and a few more.

This year, we are challenging ourselves to spend zero dollars on Halloween.  We've told the kids that they have to use something we already have in the house, make something with materials we already have, or borrow what they need.  Now, this should not be too difficult!  We have a ginormous rubbermaid tub ( seriously all three kids can fit in it!) of dress up clothes, boxes of extras in closets and more accessories than can be listed.  I have a closet full of material.  The challenging part is changing our habits!

I also ususally enjoy munching on Halloween treats all month long, but this year I am stregthening my self contol muscles!  I plan to buy only enough for the usual number of kids, at the last minute.  And maybe I'll have to settle for different treats than I usally get to cut down on cost.  Too bad a person can't give out homemade treats anymore, I make a mean chocolate/orange Halloween swirl cookie!

I'd love to hear from you if you wanna join me in this edition of beatng the budget buster!

Anyone have a bat costume to lend?


  1. Just found your blog through CJ's. I don't have a bat costume, but if you had black sweaties, you could make wings out of a garbage bag by taping them or with black cardboard. I've been blessed with friends whose kids are about the same age as mine so we move costumes around. So far, so good.

  2. It is too bad you can't do homemade goodies. I'm going to sound old, but I remember when I was little that a house down the road would make this incredible halloween cake and every child that visited their home would get to enter the draw for the cake. They would then pick out a winner and call about 9:00 to let them know. Both my brother and sister won a cake throughout the years, I didn't win but that's okay because I still got to eat the cake!

  3. I have a Mummy costume, Baden is also welcome to borrow our police suit he likes to wear when he comes over.


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