Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Love Hand-Me-Downs!

As a kid, I always loved when a friend of my mom's would bring me a whole black garbage bag of her daughter's outgrown clothes.  It was like a treasure chest, all full of neat clothes, all for me!  And you know what? I haven't outgrown that little thrill.  Partly, I suppose because often I'm being given clothes I might not otherwise afford, and also because the giver's thoughfullness delights me.

I love getting hand me downs for my kids too.  I think passing around hand me downs for kids is a bit more common, but I wonder if we can re-ignite it among us adults too?  I notice that offers of hand me down clothes are often pre-faced with " I hope you aren't offended, but I thought of you...".  Probably because some people might be offended.  But why? 

I know some of my friends often pass around clothes to each other, and I think it would be fun if we could get more people in on this.  Chatting with a mom at the playground the other day, I heard about how her and her friends have a "Merge and Purge" party.  Everyone gets together for a girls' night out, and brings clothes they no longer need/want/use/fit into.  Then, each gal gets to go through what everyone else brought.  Whatever no one needs at the end of the night is "purged" to Value Village or the womens shelter, or whatever charity was decided upon.

Who wants to "Merge and Purge" with me??


  1. Are you planning a date for this to take place? Are we talking women's clothing or could we bring children's clothes too?
    I would totally love to do this. Let me know when and where!

  2. I'am in just as long as Ant is not working.

  3. Yes, I'm hoping to pick a date in October!
    I hadn't considered what we would include, for sure womens clothes, maybe purses too? I guess whatever the consensus decides!
    I thought we could all have a great get together and then a soak in the hot tub and some munchies!
    I guess I need to look at the calendar and pick some dates!

  4. i am interested...i think womans clothing and accessories (purses, belts, shoes jewelry) kids stuff...that would be my vote...
    keep me posted...

  5. I'm in if the date works with our calendar - you know harvest ;) Keep me posted.

  6. I would be in. I'm not sure that I have a ton to contribute that people would want. I'm really into those "comfortable clothes" lacking in style, but I'd love to be involved nonetheless


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