Saturday, September 25, 2010

Small steps...

Well, yesterday I was feeling discouraged about our month so far.  Shawn got a bonus at work, and had some overtime on his last check, but the amount left to save in our account is less than these things.  I wanted to see ALL that money go to savings.  But yesterday, I needed to focus on what is going well.  There is some money to save, a vast improvement from two months ago!!

Yesterday, I went to the consignment sale our church hosts for childrens toys and clothes.  If you've never been there, you might not be able to understand the huge-ness of this sale.  The whole basement of our church ( two gyms and several classrooms) is converted to a shopping-palooza!  I had volunteered to work at the sale and planned to shop for our kids while there.  Before I went, Shawn and I sat down and figured out what each kid might need, and came up with a short list...nothing.  Yup, we evaluated the winter clothes, and what they have in their drawers and realized that our kids have plenty.  I did decide to look through the toys in case something jumped out at me as a good christmas present, and I came home with two small things totalling four dollars.  My mind set is already changing!  I didn't even look through the areas of things I had already decided I didn't need, why tempt myself?  Yay Progress!!!

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