Thursday, February 17, 2011


BookSneeze.  I don’t know how they came up with that name.  It’s a resource for bloggers to get FREE books to review.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE books.  The idea of getting them free intrigues me, so I signed up.  In return for a free book, that I can choose from a list of available titles, I will need to post a review on my blog, and on one of the qualifying book sites ( like Amazon or christianbook).

I don’t know how many will be ones that catch my eye, but I am looking forward to it anyway.  The first title I chose was “ Regret Free Parenting”.  A friend of mine is reading this book, which is a Christian view on raising children well, but not obsessing about doing this job “perfectly” and not beating yourself up over mistakes.  I’m looking forward to it’s arrival!

As soon as I read it, I’ll tell you what I think, as well as whether the mandatory reviewing was worth getting the free book!


   Do any of you blog for books?  Which site? And what do you think of the experience?

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