Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Home Haircuts?

I miss my hairdresser.  Besides all the usual reasons to love having my hair done ( it looks nicer, those awesome salon products, and that wonderful feeling from having someone else wash your hair with that water sprayer…) I miss going to my hair dresser because she is such a great friend of mine.  When I decided to grow my hair out, she gave me a great cut that is still holding up well after several months.  I did make a coffee date with her just to go out and visit.

As much as I miss a fresh hair cut, it is something I can do without right now.  My kids, however are starting to look like a trio of cousin its.  Ok, its not that bad, but they all really need a trim.  Baden’s hair is past his eyes.  Maybe he’s taking after Shawn, planning on a haircut once a year?  My hairdresser friend is amazing with kids, and her prices are the best anywhere, better than the school even.  No matter how reasonable her rates, I still just can’t afford it.

This has me pondering home haircuts.  I cut Shawn’s hair once when he was in tech.  His friends recognized a “girl friend cut your hair” cut right away and ribbed him for it a lot!  I didn’t think it was that bad, but the teasing prompted Shawn to make me promise that I would “never attempt to cut the hair of any living thing ever again.” ( Seriously, I don’t know what he was complaining about, the man grows his hair to his shoulders, then buzzes it off once a year anyway…)  Never the less, with three kids it now seems he is willing to reconsider his strong stand against me holding a pair of scissors.  Not on his own hair mind you, that he had done last week at the local walk in hair dressers, but he’ll consider the kids…

So, here is the point of this whole thought train.  Those of you who cut hair yourself, yours or your kids, or your spouses… I need your help!  I think I can handle Colleena’s, it’s long and straight, and I can just trim all the way around as evenly as I can.  She needs almost 10 inches cut off, so I have lots of room for error. 

I’m not sure I’ll even attempt Lily’s.  Her curls probably need more layers than I can manage, and I’m not sure how much to trim off.  It’s down to the middle of her back right now, and I’d like it to end up curling just above her shoulders.  The long curls have become too much to manage, and the fight to brush the tangles out everyday is too hard on both of our nerves.  I hate pinning her down to comb her hair and having her scream the whole time.  Should I trim just a bit, and see??

My fear level for doing Baden’s hair lies somewhere in the middle.  I THINK I can use a shaver to trim the sides, and just use a longer shave at the top?  Those of you who have done little boy’s hair, what advice can you give me?  And do any of you have a hair trimmer I can borrow?

Can I just use a good pair of sharp scissors? For the girls', do I really just cut it all the same length?  HELP!  Maybe I should get Shawn to man the trimmer…then he wouldn’t be able to blame me… heh heh heh!

I guess, if I really mess it up, I still know that my wonderful friend would fix it for me!

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