Monday, February 21, 2011

I Hate Mistakes!

Blame it on my “only child” personality, but I am hard on myself when it comes to mistakes.  I don’t like ‘em!  I want to avoid ‘em.  I have been learning to be easier on myself and admit that it’s ok to make mistakes.  I’m learning it’s ok to laugh at myself sometimes, and that I don’t always have to do things perfectly.  Sometimes (gasp) I aim at 80%, instead of expecting perfection.

Ok, I am being light hearted about it, but it is a struggle for me.  Some areas are easier than others to accept, though.  I don’t care if I miss patches when I cut the lawn.  I don’t care if my van isn’t clean ( good thing too, if you could see it!)  I don’t expect my hair or make up to be perfect.  But, for me, doing the “right thing” is very important. 

I have been learning, that sometimes, I just need to admit that I have been doing something wrong, correct course from where I am, and move on.  I have to stop beating myself up, because, hey! I’m only human.  There are some areas, though, where that is harder.

Parenting, for one.  Oh, it’s EASY for me to admit where I have done, or am currently doing stuff wrong.  But it’s not always easy to see where I should go from that point on.  It’s hard to see what is the best course sometimes, and this is one thing I want to do well.  I am trying to take Dr. Kevin Lehman’s advice and stop aiming for being a perfect parent and be a “good enough” parent.  I make lots of mistakes, and I am able to admit that, even to my kids, and ask for forgiveness when I’ve done wrong. ( He has lots of great books on all kinds of topics by the way)

Money is another one of these areas for me.  I want to do this right.  I want to to stop making the mistakes we have made in the past.  The right road is a bit clearer on this one : stop over spending, plan better and save.  Easier said than done, but I know what I am SUPPOSED to do!  Admitting this one, however, is harder.  It’s hard on my pride to admit I can’t afford some things.  It’s hard to tell my kids about the mistakes we’ve made with money, but important.  It just makes me feel so stupid to look back and see how many BIG mistakes we made, and if I had a time machine, I would slap my 19 year old self on the head!!

Why do money mistakes make us feel so stupid?  Lots of people I talk to say they hate discussing options at a bank,or with a financial planner, that handling money makes us feel inadequate and stupid.  Why does this area, more than so many others, hold such power to influence how we feel about ourselves as a person?

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  1. I can so relate to this Melissa!! You certainly aren't alone!!! We are starting from scratch...partly due to past mistakes, and partly to current circumstances that are beyond our control!! Overall, God is showing us that He is our provider, and He will never leave us, nor forsake us...even when we mess up royally!!! We have had to lay it all at His feet and trust Him to provide when the 'math' of our reality doesn't add up to being able to make it!! If I look ahead, I start to worry about how we are going to pay our bills, buy food, gas, etc..because it just doesn't add up...but when I look at 'today', I rejoice because all of our needs are met TODAY,
    and that is what He has promised us...TODAY!! It says in His word...He will meet ALL of our needs, according to HIS glorious we can rest in that, and release our concerns to Him completely!!! I speak from so many experiences...and like I said, if I look to the next couple weeks, and what we have coming, I am terrified because we don't have what we need...but we do TODAY, and I will look at that and be grateful, and take the coming 'TODAY' each day as it arrives!!! He has never left us, or forsaken us when we've done that...and I don't believe that He ever will!!! Past experience has proven this!!! It's not about us and our failures, it's about Him, and the loving care that He constantly provides us with because we are His children, and He loves us, and wants to show us great and amazing things!!! I encourage you to place every 'TODAY' in His hands and watch expectantly to what He is going to show you!! God bless you, and thanks for sharing your blog...writing to you is as much to remind ME, as it might be for your benefit!!! ;>)



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